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Join US!

2 Weeks FREE!

At UWTA Taekwondo Center we want to make it easy for you to join us! Simply print this offer or show it to us on your cell phone for 2 weeks of Taekwondo for FREE!

We look forward to seeing you and helping you to start your Taekwondo journey. If you have questions, you can call us or simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Offer is for 2 consecutive weeks and expires Oct. 1, 2019

Taekwodo Body Mechanics Seminar

April 11, 2020 | 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.
Black Belt Club | Jr. Leaders | Trainee Instructors - Free!
Parents Attend - Free
Non-Club Members $25.00
This seminar is a must attend for those who are practitioners of Taekwondo. Judo teaches us the mechanics of sweeps, throws and

take downs and more. Learning additional disciplines helps us be better martial artists.


Welcome to the UWTA Taekwondo Center! The UWTA Taekwondo Center is an award winning Taekwondo school that has been providing professional martial arts training for over 30 years, and we are proud of our program and the success stories that go with it! The UWTA Taekwondo program has been responsible for training over a thousand black belt students and many National Champions as we take great pride in our commitment to excellence. In addition, we highly value the relationships with our students and their families, and as a result, our program has a very high retention rate with students who have been with us for 15 years or longer.


The UWTA Taekwondo Center is owned and operated by Master Sean Dalton, 6th degree Black Belt. We are a Kukkiwon Certified School, which is very important to an individuals martial arts training. Being a Kukkiwon school means that we are held to the strictest standards by the Kukkiwon who oversees Taekwondo world wide. As you train at our school, when you obtain your Black Belt, because you have achieved it with the Kukkiwon's approval, you will be recognized as a black belt both Nationally and Internationally. There are many, many Taekwondo schools, but unless they have the Kukkiwon approval, the black belt is only as good as the piece of paper it is written on.


In addition to our affiliation with the Kukkiwon, the UWTA Taekwondo Center has a heritage rooted originally in the Korean Moo Duk Kwan. We are also associated with USA Taekwondo giving us access to the Olympic Taekwondo circuit in the U.S., and to the International Olympic Taekwondo circuit through the World Taekwondo Federation. If you are considering starting your Taekwondo journey, or continuing on from your present journey, we invite you to come visit us! We'd love to have the opportunity to have you as part of our Taekwondo family!

Choosing a Martial Arts School
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The decision to enroll your child and/or yourself in a school of martial arts represents both an investment of time and money. However, choosing the right school is not always easy as there are many factors that one must consider. As you choose a Taekwondo studio, one of the most important factors is that it is a school that is certified by the Korean Kukkiwon. By following the Kukkiwon standards and their teaching system, it allows us to  certify that as the student moves through the ranks, that the belt levels they achieve are recognized. There are many martial arts "mills" that turn out students and hand them black belts, but the belts would not be recognized outside of that specific studio. As a Kukkiwon school, we are not only certified, but our instructors are certified and re-certified every 2 years. Kukkiwon rank is the most sought after Taekwondo rank in the world, and is considered the gold star standard amongst the Taekwondo community. Students with Kukkiwon rank are recognized world-wide and are look on with great respect by the Taekwondo community.

Coming up at UWTA Taekwondo Center

UWTA Taekwondo Center - Lynnwood 2020 Calendar


(Monthly Workout: 8am Instructor, 9am Trainee & Jr. Ldr, 12:30pm Black Belt Club)

(Monthly Seminar Series 2pm-3:30 pm)

January 2020           

  • 2nd - School Reopens after holidays

  • 4th - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout

  • 11th - UWTA Lynnwood Monthly Seminar Series – TKD Body Mechanics

  • 20th - Closed-Martin Luther King Day

  • 24th - SCHOOL TESTING #1 (In Class)

  • 25th - Regional Instructor, Trainee, & Jr. Ldr. Training – Oak Harbor, WA


February 2020

  • 1st - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout

  • 8th - Oak Harbor Regional Tournament/Black Belt Testing

  • 17th - Closed-Presidents Day

  • 29th - UWTA Lynnwood Monthly Seminar Series – Point Sparring


March 2020

  • 7th - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout

  • 14th - SCHOOL TESTING #2

  • 21st - UWTA Lynnwood Monthly Seminar Series – Break-Falls & Rolls

  • 27th - Fifth Dan and Above Workout – Sacramento, CA



April 2020

  • 4th - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout

  • 11th - UWTA Lynnwood Seminar Series – Judo

  • 18th - Regional Black Belt Workout – Yakima, WA

  • 25-26th - National UWTA Instructor Certification – UWTA HQ


May 2020

  • 2nd - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & BBC Workout, Joint Manipulation Seminar

  • 8th - SCHOOL TESTING #3 (In Class)

  • 9th - Black Belt Exam – Oak Harbor, WA

  • 16th - Regional Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr. Workout – Lynnwood, WA

  • 23-25th - Closed-Memorial Day/Weekend

June 2020

  • 1st - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout

  • 6th - Grandmaster Jack Pierce Memorial Tournament – Lynnwood, WA

  • 13th - UWTA Lynnwood Monthly Seminar Series – Jiu Jitsu

  • 27th - Regional Black Belt Workout – Lynnwood, WA

July 2020

  • 2nd - SCHOOL TESTING #4 (In Class Testing)

  • 3-4th - School Closed (Independence Day)

  • 10-12th - UWTA NATIONAL SUMMER CAMP-Camp Winthers

  • 13th - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout

  • 20th - UWTA Lynnwood Monthly Seminar Series – Muay Thai


August 2020

  • 1st - Yakima Regional Tournament and Black Belt Testing

  • 8th - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout, UWTA Lynnwood Monthly Seminar Series – HoSinSul

  • 15th - Kukkiwon Hanmadang

  • 22nd - Regional Instructor, Trainee, & Jr. Ldr Workout – Yakima, WA

  • 29th - SCHOOL TESTING #5



September 2020

  •  7th -Closed-Labor Day Weekend

  • 12th -Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout

  • 19th -Regional Black Belt Workout – Oak Harbor, WA

  • 26th -UWTA Lynnwood Monthly Seminar Series – Poomsae Application


October 2020

  • 1st - National 5th Dan and up Workout – Reno, NV


  • 10th - Instructor Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout

  • 12th - Closed-Columbus Day

  • 17th - UWTA Monthly Seminar Series – Pressure Point Control Tactics

  • 24th - SCHOOL TESTING #6

November 2020

  • 7th - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout

  • 11TH - Closed-Veterans Day

  • 14th - Regional Instructor/Trainee Workout – Oak Harbor, WA

  • 14-15th - UWTA National Instructor Certification

  • 21st UWTA Lynnwood Monthly Seminar Series – TKD Philosophy

  • 26-29th Closed-Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

December 2020

  • 5th - Instructor, Trainee, Jr. Ldr & Black Belt Club Workout, UWTA Lynnwood Monthly Seminar Series - Breaking

  • 7th - Master Dalton’s Birthday!!!

  • 12th UWTA Lynnwood Holiday Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange

  • 19th - SCHOOL TESTING #7

  • 20th-Jan 1st Closed-Christmas/New Years’ Holiday Season



Master Sean Dalton

UWTA Taekwondo Center

Parkview Square Business Center

5421-196th St. SW Suite 7

Lynnwood, WA 98036

Phone: 425 678-0667

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